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Jeni Translations & Interpretations, LLC., is an interpreting and translations firm founded by an actual interpreter with a broad and extensive interpreting experience. We specialize in Spanish to English and English to Spanish language interpretations, and we also perform translations and interpretations work in Social Justice, OSHA, immigrant worker rights and OSHA wage violations.

Irene Alba-Hernandez is an independent interpreter with extensive experience in all areas of interpreting and translations.  As a company led by a professional interpreter we are able to ensure that the contact with are knowledgeable and experienced.



  •  Interpretation

  •  Translation

  •  Transcription

  •  ASL Sign Language

  • Depositions

  •  Workers Compensation Hearings

  •  Interpretation Equipment rental

  • Spanish Interpretation


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We have a certified professional that will meet your expectations in a variety of different interpretation settings. We review and verify the experience and credentials of every linguist we hire to bring you the highest quality services available.


Jeni Translations applies strict standards to all of our interpreters and translators in order to maintain the highest quality control and consistency to our work. The methods we use are universally accepted as applicable to any language case we may be involved in, especially, but not limited to Spanish to English and English to Spanish interpretations. Please contact us for more information.

 Our reputation speaks for itself; we have demonstrated over several years that we are exceptional

  in performing professional, thorough interpreting services for a variety of situations, both inside and

  outside of court room settings.

 Irene Alba-Hernandez is a highly skilled Interpreter with extensive experience in Spanish to English and English to Spanish simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and translations. She has successfully interpreted in court room settings for numerous hearings and trials. Irene also has interpreted for Grand Jury, States Attorneys, Probation Officers and Judges.


Irene has also interpreted for CPS Budget Hearings, CPS NAC Proposals, Chicago PB Meetings, Cook County Arbitrations, Immigration Interviews and  Political Asylum Interviews.


  • National Domestic Workers Alliance

  • The Peoples Action

  • Detention Network

  • Access Living of Metro Chicago

  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and refugee Rights

  • Maria Hadden, Alderwoman, Rogers Park, 49th Ward

  • Envisioning Justice project through Illinois Humanities, Translation of Documents

  • Mary Kay Career Conference

  • Arise Chicago


Brian  Lacey, Attorney at Law

"Jeni Interpretation really help me get through a tough court case thanks to their professionalism. Thanks so much Jeni Translations."

Deborah Novaloe

"Irene Hernandez is a fantastic interpreter. She was extremely professional and was thorough and  accurate with all of her interpreting work."

Alberto Rodriguez

"Jeni Translations is an excellent interpretation form. We had a complicated Spanish to English interpretation case and they were precise and consistent with accuracy. Thank Jeni Translations!"


P.O. Box 389071


(312) 852-0788

(312) 203-1671

Jeni Translations & Interpretations, LLC., serves the entire Chicago/Cook County area; one

  of the most ethnically diverse and largest counties in the country. Because Jeni Translations &  Interpretations, LLC., is a small, boutique firm, we can be more flexible with our services and   our rates.